Using Emojis In Facebook Ads - Why, Where And How To Use Them

Uncategorized Dec 06, 2020

Emoji & Engagement Rate 💃

Numerous case studies show that posts with emotional content achieve a higher reach and can significantly assist with your marketing efforts. Emojis being extremely engaging in comparison to the normal words can bring the emotional touch and add personality to your otherwise plain monochrome text. Below are some statistics to consider. 

Emoji usage in communication advertisements have been proven to generate a higher attention along with a higher engagement, around 33% more than the same Ad without it. Using emojis in Facebook posts in particular has led to 57% more likes, 33% more comments, and 33% more shares. Makes sense considering 4 of 10 millennials communicate only through emojis with more than 75% of customers age of 25-29 and more than 60% of those 35 and older being identified as ‘frequent emoji users’!  

What Emojis to use, you ask? HubSpot have studied over 19 million posts across several social platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus,Instagram) to discover what Emojis in particular tend to lead to a higher engagement and higher CTR. See their findings below.

*Engagement was defined as likes, comments, and shares. Note - none of the top five emojis are faces, meaning it might be more productive to use less popular emojis in your marketing strategy for the novelty factor which could also be a driver of a better engagement.

Emojis & Click-Through Rate 👇

More data and statistics showed that emojis are effective communication tools that can improve not only general engagement but also Click-Through Rates on your Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads study showcased that an ad with emoji in its headline had a 241% higher click-through rate than the ad with no emoji (All the ad elements except the emoji in the headline were identical).

On average, Facebook page posts including emojis usually showed a 30%-40% higher click-through rates and 20% lower CPC than regular posts.

The Top Ten Emojis Most Likely to Encourage Click-Through


  1. 🐙
  2. 🐴
  3. 👖
  4. 🍒
  5. 🚂
  6. 🏳
  7. 🌉
  8. 🆓
  9. 👇
  10. 🎟


Octopus and a random white flag you ask? And no face emojis again. All 10 seem a little more uncommon and random. Perhaps they stand out more because users don’t see them very often?

Emojis can play an important role in that eye’s catch effect when positioned into the post description, as that is where the attention of the reader is more likely to be caught. That’s why people are more stimulated to click.

Our verdict? Test, test as much as you can!

Facebook ads create a great opportunity to generate quality leads and clients for your business, and only by testing you can find that “perfect ROI formula” for your marketing efforts that suits your business needs.


Endorsements 💓

The Daily Mail conducted an extensive study examining the top posts on Facebook with a total of 28 of the top 100 news posts coming from the Daily Mail. Upon further examination, they have discovered that 21 of those top posts have contained at least one emoji.

They have also then examined all their top FB posts from November 2017 and found that 68% of their top 200 posts included an emoji. Convinced yet?

Emojis as a positive way to communicate 🌞


A study by the University of Missouri-St. Louis has discovered that ‘looking at an emoji is far more gratifying than reading a word from the Oxford Dictionary’.

People perceive emojis as a positive way to communicate.

Another study highlighted that when negative feedback from a supervisor is coupled with positive emojis, it gets taken significantly better, even making employees feel good about it! You know what to put in your next performance appraisal email 😉

To sum up 💡

✅ Emojis can help to bring life to the otherwise lengthy plain ad copy

✅ Colorful icons help to catch people’s attention

✅ Emojis help brands to showcase more depth & personality with little effort

✅ Several case studies proposed that using emojis in FB posts lead to 57% more likes, 33% more comments,  33% more shares & 30%-40% higher click-through rates and 20% lower CPC 

Out of hundreds posts a person sees on Facebook every day, yours should stand out. Not a fan of emojis? Try at least switching your usual bullet points to simple emoji symbols to capture visual and emotional attention. 

The point is, different is more noticeable. 😎


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